Patrick Cudahy


about me

My name is Patrick Cudahy. Currently, I'm working towards getting my Master's in Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz. I got my B.S. in Computer Science from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.  My primary areas of expertise are Python, SQL, and PHP, but I also have experience with Django, XML, C, C++,HTML, JavaScript, and React.





When it comes to computers and programming, I'm interested in web development and video games. While I enjoy games, I hope to mostly focus my studies on web development. I also love animals, I have two Siamese cats and a budgie. I took a year off in between my undergraduate studies and graduate school to work and volunteer at the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary.




Classes and Papers

My current class schedule is:

CMPS200 - T 11:40am-1:15pm

CMPS201 - MWF 2:40-3:45pm


I do not currently have any papers published.




For school-related purposes: